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LGBT Rights in Poland and South Korea

Poland and South Korea have both undergone significant societal changes within recent decades.  Both societies democratized suddenly after long periods under authoritarian rule, whether military or communist.  For gays and lesbians in South Korea and Poland, these changes brought exciting … Continue reading

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Feminism’s Approach to the Global North/Global South Dichotomy

With increased globalization comes an increased global awareness of the educational, financial and healthcare disparities between the women residing in the global north and the global south.  The global north/global south terminology is fairly new, and refers to developed nations … Continue reading

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Despite rapid growth and increasing prosperity, India Continues to Let Girls Die

In a news story out today, the sex ratio of girls to boys under age 8 has worsened dramatically over the past decade. Ten years ago, there wree 927 females alive at age 8 for every 1000 boys alive. According … Continue reading

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LGBT Adoption Bill Introduced to the House – READ

This article is explains what this bill is and that chances that is will pass the bill.  I would give more detail but it is a fantastic aritcle and want people to read it.  So here is the link to … Continue reading

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Death Penalty Gender Gap

This article was interesting in that it discussed how fewer women support capital punishment in the United States as compared to men, citing reasons such as wrongful convictions, the impact on the communities, the economic impact, and impact on the … Continue reading

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Rise in Cyberstalking a Danger to Women

This article describes how with the technological boom of recent years and the creation of social networking sites has impacted women in a frightening way. Women are often cyber-stalked and harassed by strangers of intimate partners via e-mail, text message … Continue reading

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New Way of Looking at Title IX

This article brings new ways of dealing with Title IX for universities.  Title IX is a very controversial topic to most people but this article explains ways in which to work with Title IX.  Most universities do not know how … Continue reading

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Special Event: Showing of “Prodigal Sons” at Speight Auditorium

Review of Prodigal Sons by Guillaume Bagal  

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Indiana Cuts Funds to Planned Parenthood

Indiana Gov. Daniels said that he is going to sign a bill that would cut funds to Planned Parenthood, PP will attempt to file an injuction to appeal.  What this bill will do is cut $2 million of its Medicad … Continue reading

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Businesses in NY sign letter encouraging Gay Marriage

Business leaders in New York wrote a letter that states that they want legislation that would permit gay marriage.  The letter states that New York is losing business ground because individuals are moving to states that acknowledge gay marriage.  The … Continue reading

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