Businesses in NY sign letter encouraging Gay Marriage

Business leaders in New York wrote a letter that states that they want legislation that would permit gay marriage.  The letter states that New York is losing business ground because individuals are moving to states that acknowledge gay marriage.  The letter is not addressed to anyone in particular but states the urgency that this is needed.  The governor of New York has already stated his support of gay marriage so maybe this letter will help his case.  Could this be a big advancement in New York legalizing gay marriage and could this possibly be a way that other states can get their Senate’s attention?  Here is the link to the article:

-Kelly Thompson-

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  • Thanks for sharing this, ladeis. Totally agree with you on this:It is worth remembering that these people are not illogical, they’re just operating off premises that we do not accept (and vice versa).I think part of the problem with the same-sex marriage debate in Australia is that both sides of the argument (well, both sides of the argument that are given airtime obviously there is room for additional points of view) are communicated mostly in terms of their conclusions. Ie, This is about equality vs Marriage is between a man and a woman . There’s not really much room for dialogue between those points of view: if you strongly believe one or the other, it seems self-evident, and the opposing view seems foreign and non-sensical. I’m not going to argue that having a dialogue is going to change the minds of professional bigots (as some commenters on Feministe put it), but I do think we need to understand the logic of those who disagree with us if we want to change the status quo.

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