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The author Fadia Faqir sends us a link

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Engaging Men!

I realize that most of you won’t be able to read what is on this site, but take a look: This organization is dedicated to “working with men and young women for the sake of taking up the cause … Continue reading

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Short Documentary on Pakistani Women Disfigured by Violence Wins Oscar

Pakistani director, Shameen Obaid Chinoy, won Pakistan’s first oscar for the short documentary, Saving Face, about Pakistani women disfigured by violence and their fight for justice. The film features women victims of acid attacks, burnings, and other violence and the … Continue reading

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Date Rape Revisited

25 years later and date rape is still an issue. It is occurring most often on college campuses. What can we do? Take a look at the article below.

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The Women’s Foundation of Nepal

When I was doing research for our papers, I also came across an interesting fact about women in Nepal; many people in this area have not adopted modern beliefs and still hold on to their superstitious ideals, which prevent women from … Continue reading

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Reading suggestion by classmate

After reading the “fictional” perspective of Jewish famly during early years of Iranian Revolution, here is an account of Baha’i persecution (Septembers of Shiraz): Olya’s Story (1993) By Olya Roohizadegan Olya is a Baha’i woman from Shiraz, Iran who was … Continue reading

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15-year-old Wisconsin girl found starved and sexually abused in basement

This article I found on just goes to show you how harsh and horrible people can be, even here in the United States. A 15-year-old girl was found starved and sexually abused by her own father, step-mother, and step-brother. … Continue reading

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Mexican Woman Resorts to YouTube When Police Refuse to Help with Sexual Harassment

Nancy Rojas Pastelin is a 28-year old fashion designer living in Mexico City. She attempted to seek help from police when a man who had been harassing her verbally became more aggressive and began to stalk her. The police accused … Continue reading

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Education: Freedom or Oppression? (Villachuato, Mexico)

While looking for articles to help me validate beliefs I had on increasing literacy for females and the benefits linked with literacy I stumbled across an article by Susan V. Myers entitled ” ‘ They didn’t tell me anything’: women … Continue reading

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United Nation’s Women’s Treaty

This treaty is meant to eliminate the discrimination against women, based on their sex world wide. It would require all governments to take several measures in order to ensure women’s civil rights. The issue with this Treaty, is that not … Continue reading

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