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Modern day slavery

The country of Mauritania in the Sahel of Africa, separating the jungles of sub-Saharan Africa from the Saharan Desert, was the last country to abolish slavery and still 10-20% of the population is enslaved. This is the courageous story of … Continue reading

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Making Preventing Maternal Mortality Within Reach.

Susan Davis President and CEO of BRAC USA Posted: June 25, 2010 05:07 PM While the UN says that the world is on track to reach the first Millennium Development Goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015, progress toward … Continue reading

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Recurring Themes in Alaa al-Aswany’s The Yacoubian Building

The ethically questionable actions of the characters in The Yacoubian Building illustrate the moral deficits that can arise from a corrupt political system. Alaa al-Aswany put his characters in unfortunate circumstances to show how the shortcomings of the government altered … Continue reading

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Miss Representation

As many of you have noticed, the media has the tendency to portray women and girls in a way that emphasizes physical beauty above all else and shows them as sexual and promiscuous creatures that aim to please the male viewers .  I have … Continue reading

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Do not abandon Afghan Women

This is an opinion peace I found on CNN’s website. Lemmon talks about how the women of Afghanistan are being affected by the recent tragedies that have occurred in the country. She talks about how if the U.S. was to … Continue reading

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Kansas bill heats debate over rights of Mothers to be

What happens if the ultrasound technician see something wrong and decides NOT to tell you:  As someone who has felt that nervous glide of the ultrasound many times–wondering if all was OK, I understand the ramifications of this bill.

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Passionate Plea for Student Participation

As ECU gears up for its Open House next month, this article by my friend and colleague Khaled Fahmy struck me as fascinating, pleading for student participation in politics:

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International Women’s Day!

Given that March 8th is approaching, I wanted to remind everyone that International Women’s Day is a day that should be celebrated. I researched the day a bit and found that the website of: A History of International Women’s Day … Continue reading

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Girls Get Called “Slut” Everyday

I found this article very sad yet interesting. Take a look

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The Naqib’s Daughter: A Westernized Romance Set in Egypt?

The author of The Naqib’s Daughter, Samia Serageldin, took many liberties while writing her book. Although the ending of her book is plausible, it does not follow the actual history her characters encountered. The author has admitted to changing the … Continue reading

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