Kansas bill heats debate over rights of Mothers to be

What happens if the ultrasound technician see something wrong and decides NOT to tell you:  http://www.aclu.org/blog/reproductive-freedom/kansas-pregnant-women-little-lie-your-doctor-wont-hurt-you 

As someone who has felt that nervous glide of the ultrasound many times–wondering if all was OK, I understand the ramifications of this bill.


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  • rosss10

    Not only is this bill terrifying because of its violation of our rights, but it would lead to such dangerous consequences. If expectant mothers no longer trusted doctors to tell them the truth about their pregnancy, they might start disregarding all of his or her advice or worse yet, not go at all. Trust between a healthcare professional and a patient is very important, and when politics like these interfere it damages that relationship. Expectant mothers can’t seek a doctor they trust who will share similar values as them if this law passes and the doctor knows they can withhold any information they want. This law will cause more harm than good. It is also disheartening to me that people are essentially okay with taking away rights from women. They support a bill that allows doctors to hold more control over a woman’s pregnancy, and in Washington there were many debates over birth control, yet almost no women were invited to speak about it. If it is a woman’s body, I do not understand why people find it so hard to let her make her own decisions, because no one has a problem letting a male do whatever he wants.

  • Kristen Wade

    This law is truly disgusting. I find it to be a complete violation as our rights, especially as mothers. It seems sickening that doctors would even consider with-holding information about the very child growing inside our bodies. We have every right to know what is going on inside, as well as what issues may arise should the baby be born. This bill bothers me because should the baby be born with a condition that the parents didn’t know about, this could not only cause strain on them but also on their budgets. Not everyone has the means to support health conditions and by deciding to not tell the parents of a possible condition, it prevents the parents from even being prepared financially for the child.

  • Sarah Boyd

    That bill is absurd! Just because a doctor does not agree with abortion does not give them the right to not tell a mother her baby has complications. It is the mother’s choice, not the doctors. The fact that different states are trying to pass this bill is ridiculous, doctors are supposed to be honest with their patients and give them the best care they can, not withold information because of their own moral issues.

  • Aretta Williams

    Wow! I am at a lost for words. This entire situation is terrible. Like why would anyone grant doctors the right to withhold information about someone’s child? I don’t understand that. Especially when it’s the fate of that child’s future involved. It should be the mother’s decision as to what the best interest is for her child. I am shocked also at the number of people actually supporting this idea. It seriously makes me reconsider everything that a doctor says from here on out.

  • Lauren

    That is one of the most horrific things I have ever heard! I can’t believe that idiot politicians would give doctors the right to withhold valuable information that may or may not decide that fate and future of that child and its parents. To give someone that kind of power to be able to withhold information that could greatly help the parents prepare for their future child is absolutely unjust and incredibly disheartening. It shouldn’t be up to anyone but the mother to decide the fate of her unborn child. I cannot believe that so many people and states are jumping on this idea and supporting it with so much force as to pass laws about it. It’s already hard enough trusting what your doctor’s tell you. But after reading this, I’ll think twice about everything I hear come out of my doctors mouths.

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