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Consent: Unspoken and spoken, this can be a very blurry line

This article touches on the the topic of consent. Most of us think we understand what consent is. Yes is yes and no means no. But sometimes yes or no may not be spoken. This is where the line becomes blurred. Maybe the one making the advances is making assumptions they shouldn’t. Maybe the one being advanced on feels like they can’t speak up either way for some reason. Sometimes there is alcohol involved, maybe some other underlying circumstances. But in a lot of these cases, the one being advanced on still should not be lead to believe they were in the wrong or that they deserved to have anything happen that they didn’t want to happen.

Blog Post #1

Hi my name is Lena Hobson, and I’m a junior here at ECU. I was born in raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I’m a sociology major, but I hope to one day become a Physician Assistant. Sociology was one of the first classes I fell in love with, it did not feel like work or school but something that I was able to enjoy. Some of my hobbies include volunteering at the animal shelter, and fostering puppies, and playing the piano. I’m taking this class to become more aware of the violence going on within my own gender. I also took a race and gender class last semester and really enjoyed it.