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Bill Cosby Verdict

Bill Cosby, a famous icon, has been recently convicted of rape. Cosby has been sentenced to 30 years in prison, being charged with only three counts of aggravated indecent assault (O’Brien). There were over 60 victims that came out about their assault, yet he was only charged with three counts. I think this shows how much influence Hollywood actors, especially men, have in our society. However, justice is justice, no matter how big or small. The article I read included reactions from the victims following the verdict. They were emotional and embraced one another after leaving the court room. This not only shows how resilient women truly are, but it also showed that women are finally being heard.

Two Girls in Uganda Speak Out on Women’s Rights

Two Girls in Uganda: Stepping Up by Speaking Out

Namulinda Shamim Fatuma and Nankinga Joanitah are two of many teenage girls living in Uganda. Through out the article both girls speak out on how women are view in Uganda. “Girls are denied studies and access to education, since many parents believe that girls were created for house work like cooking, washing clothes, and fetching water.” This is the case in other places around the world not only Uganda. Fatuma makes a big emphasis on self respect, she says “if you don’t respect yourself, then nobody will respect you.” By seeing these two girls speak out on the importance of equality in Uganda then maybe other girls will join their efforts and the more supporting the cause the bigger difference they will be able to make. Nankinga Joantiah makes the statement, “But today, women and girls are mostly treated well, and are not denied their rights”, do you agree with her statement? Are women finally being treated with the same respect that men are being treated with today?

After reading their articles I look up to these girls for voicing their opinions and fighting for what they believe in.

-Diana Chavez

Texas School Shooting

We are probably all aware of the tragedy that happened this past week, with the school shooting in Sante Fe, Texas. The high school mourned 8 students and 2 teachers, while wounding 13 others. Innocent lives that were taken for a reason the whole world may be unclear about. But about a day ago a mother spoke out about her daughter that was murdered. She said that her daughter was being harassed by the shooter. Shana, the victim told her mom the Pagourtzis (the shooter) had been asking her to date him for 4 months. Shana had enough and about a week ago told Pagourtzis that she wouldn’t go out with him. The police are unclear with the motive, and this is still an ongoing investigation but this raise a huge issue. I have read and seen many stories about women who have ignored and turned down men and end up beat up or dead. Many women are already seen as an object to some men, but knowing we aren’t allowed to decline politely without fearing for our lives. Shana was only 16 years old, and had her whole life to live and if this was the motive, then a pure life was taken because a boy couldn’t handle rejection. http://

Texas Officer Abuses State-Sanctioned Power to Sexually Assault Woman

The default post for this draft asks us “Whats on your mind?” I think back to James Baldwin’s famous quote that “To be a negro in America and relatively conscious is be in rage almost all of the time”. From Rosa Parks to Sandra Bland we have seen State employees abuse there discretionary power to exploit both physically and sexually women, black women specifically. In this case it was Sherita Dixon Cole who had fallen victim to the perverse treatment that is often the product of a white male dominated patriarchal system such as policing. Ms. Cole was pulled over for suspicion of DWI/DUI. She passed all of the field sobriety test, yet, was still detained and sexually assaulted by an officer who presented her with a gross ultimatum: Give me what I want or Jail. To which she pleaded to be taken to jail. How can we prevent situations like these from happening when officers are granted so much, often unchecked, discretionary power?

Cannes Film Festival Speech

Asia Argento made a speech at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival that shocked the crowd. She revealed that Harvey Weinstein raped her at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. She predicted that Weinstein would never be able to show his face again and he will be shunned from future events. She was calling for a ban of Harvey Weinstein saying that he would never be welcomed their again.

Weinstein’s attorney came out, and of course, denied the accusations. His attorney said that he only has “well wishes” for her. Argento goes on to say how he repeatedly asked for sexual advances after the rape as well. She felt like she had to or else her career would be ruined.

During the speech she made the comment, “and if we stop this conversation, then we’re really doomed.” Tell me your thoughts on this comment.

Male Rape, Harassment and Domestic Abuse to be tackled by New Government Drive

Dearden, Lizzie. The Independent. Male rape, harassment and domestic abuse to be tackled by new government drive. September 06, 2017. Independent Digital News and Media. May 21, 2018.


Author, Lizzie Dearden, presents a fairly peculiar circumstance where the males are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. In this article written on September 6th, 2017, Dearden wrote that the government introduced a new drive to, “better help male victims of rape, domestic and sexual abuse and bring perpetrators to justice” (Dearden, 2017). Gender‐based violence is usually something that is committed against women and it affects women disproportionately. Violence against women is understood as a violation of human rights and a clear example of discrimination however, for the government to just come up with a “new drive” for males who experience rape, sexual abuse and etc is just flabbergasting.

So many of the women’s cases go unreported because of their fear to be judged or punished for already experiencing punishment and men are being rewarded justice for being treated in the same ways. Dearden stated, “regardless of a person’s gender, these crimes have a significant and distressing impact on the victim” so, wouldn’t it be fair for women to be able to receive the same amount of justice for being attacked as well (Dearden, 2017)? Or is it that women will continue to suffer in this patriarchal society due to the government’s lack of ability to ensure the safety of all minorities.