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Why violence against women in film is not the same as violence against men


Have you ever watched a movie and noticed the significant difference in violence against the woman versus the man? In this article, it talks about how women are overly sexualized when it comes to violent acts against them. Not only are women being killed or hurt in films, but a lot of the times it has some sort of sexual tendency towards it. A perfect example of this is the beginning of the movie “Halloween”. As the little boy is stabbing his sister to death, she does not have on any clothes and is almost sexually moaning as she is dying. As gruesome as that sounds, it is integrated into our society to not really notice these things. When I first watched Halloween, I did not notice that at all, but watching the scene again, after reading this article was mind blowing. And it is not just horror movies that portrays women different in violent, it’s just about everything. Comedy, thrillers, etc. To add onto how men are portrayed with violence, it shows that they can never be hurt, and that they are too strong to feel general pain. The media only shows what the society wants, and it creates this idea that leads to violence in general.