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The NY Times Arrested Development Interview

After reading this interview, I can see what the outcry over Jason Bateman and some of the other cast members is about. In the article, the interviewer focuses on Jeffrey Tambor and his firing from “Transparent” due to sexual misconduct allegations that came about during the onset of the #metoo movement. Tambor denies that any sexual harassment took place, but does admit to being verbally abusive and hard to work with. The concerning part of the interview involves Jason Bateman insisting that Tambor’s treatment of costar Jessica Walter is just “part of the business,” even while she is in tears talking about what happened. The entire thing feels like Walter is being ganged up on by her male costars while she tries to explain that how she was treated was not acceptable, and Jason Bateman “mansplains” to her why it’s all just part of the job. Bateman has since issued an apology, but do you think it’s too little, too late? Do you think this is indicative of the larger problem within the industry?