Women in Politics: The Better Option?



Studies have found less corruption in countries that have more women in government positions. A study conducted across 125 countries has proven that there is less corruption in government policy when more women are in positions of parliament. In the United States, only 19% of the representatives in the House of Representatives are women, and less than a quarter of women members in Senate. Women who are given a greater sense of equality through governmental representation have been linked to the lack of corruption within local, state, and national government.

While this does not mean that women cannot be corrupt, the study points out that there is a need to promote gender equality, which has been found to lessen the corruption. More presence of women in politics has also been associated with a better education and health outcome within the community. The researchers Jha and Sarangi also found it important to cross analyze the presence of women in other career positions to find corruption correlations on a lower level. “This research underscores the importance of women empowerment, their presence in leadership roles and their representation in government, said Sarangi, an economics professor and department head at Virginia Tech.”

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  • hillad15

    I have personally always found women to be the voice of reason in stringent situations, so it comes as no surprise that studies have found there presence in politics to be an ethical and trustworthy one. If anything diversity in governments should be being pushed as heterogenous groups tend to come up with solutions faster.

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