As we all know it is pride month, I saw on twitter that a jury is going to sentence a man to death because of him being gay. They said that the jury was homophobic and gave him the death sentence. One of the juror members stated how the others knew that Rhine’s was homosexual and that he shouldn’t go to prison and spend his life with other men that are locked up while others said that being gay was sinful. Ultimately he was sentenced to the death penalty because the jurors thought he should not be inside a jail. It is sad when we live in a life time of being able to take someone’s life because they choose to live differently. I do not agree with everything people do, but I feel as though we don’t have the right to determine who dies and who lives. I believe in a higher power, and I let Him handle those situations. Humans are known for error, and I would not want someone’s death on my conscious for the rest of my life.

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