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Dear Students: It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you this semester in the classroom and with our blog. You have so many gifts to bring to the world. Please never doubt that you can make … Continue reading

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Alarming Number of Young People believe Domestic Violence can be Justified

Domestic violence is never OK. Yet in 29 countries around the world, one-third or more of men say it can be acceptable for a husband to “beat his wife.” Perhaps more surprising: In 19 countries, one-third or more of women … Continue reading

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“Somaly Mam: Saint or Sinner? Does it Matter?”

This past week, our class read and discussed the book, The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam (2005). The book tells the story of her early life, her experience being trafficked into the sex trade, and her efforts to … Continue reading

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Jennifer Lawrence comments on Hollywood wage gap

Thomas Hennessey According to an article released by NPR states that Jennifer Lawrence is facing both praise and criticism after making comment about the gender wage gap.  Jennifer Lawrence recently commented on the fact that she received significantly less … Continue reading

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Stop Yelling at Women Musicians

Thomas Hennessey Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches has been very outspoken about the existence of misogyny in music.  In this particular article Luke O’Neil chronicles an incident Mayberry had with a male concert goer, who yells “Marry me” during the … Continue reading

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Thomas Hennessey I am going to both apologize and warn you in advance that this post is not a news article exactly. As some of you may know October is Domestic Violence awareness month in the United States. … Continue reading

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The “He for She” Initiative

Elizabeth Nyamayaro is a political scientist dedicated to improving conditions for women around the world. Currently, she is the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary-General and Executive Director for UN Women. Additionally, she is the head of the UN Women’s … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter speaks about the mistreatment of women being a human rights issue

Former US President, Jimmy Carter has long been an advocate and proactive in the equal treatment of women around the world. In this recent TED talk, he provides three main reasons for why he believes “the mistreatment of women is the … Continue reading

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The Oppressed Majority

Whenever I bring up feminism with a friend or acquaintance and label it as such the tension in the air often becomes palpable.  From my experience, most people will agree with you when you say that all humans deserve equal … Continue reading

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Dear Lego Company,

Gender inequalities do not discriminate by age. Recently, a 7-year-old girl named Charlotte Benjamin wrote a letter to the Lego company to complain about the differences in not just the dominant ratio of male Lego people to female Lego people, … Continue reading

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