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Veganism does not mean cruelty free

Someone Explained Why Veganism Is Not Cruelty Free, And It Might Make You Think Twice Before Going Vegan

I found these article which I found to be pretty interesting. The article talks about the misconception that being vegan means that you are living cruelty-free. The author explains how even though vegans are not consuming animal product the foods that they are consuming comes from overworked workers which means that there is a lot of cruelty involved. Many crops are being harvest by migrant workers who work up to twelve hour shifts with no bathroom or lunch breaks. In addition, they work live in poor housing with often no ventilation or heating systems. In places like South America, main crops like Quinoa are being imported into the US to provide for western diet while the population is being left without much food.

So what are your thoughts on Veganism and Cruelty free?

Increasing Food Supply by Improving Women’s Rights

If you are hearing the news about increasing food prices, now is a good time to think about how women can be the solution rather than the problem, as the book Half the Sky claims:

Bias Against Female Farmers Shrinks Food Harvests

What do you think? Would global gender equality in agriculture potentially offset these intermittent crises in food security set off by such dependent trends as the rise in oil prices?

Susan Pearce