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Political Cauldron Boils on U.N. Women’s Rights

In this article, Amy Leiberman discusses the outcomes of this year’s UN Global Gathering of Women. While the gathering did produce conclusions via a 17 page document on the issue of violence against women, it is heavily criticized by many within gender and women’s … Continue reading

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Egypt’s Brotherhood Blasts UN Women’s Document

Sarah El Deeb’s article discusses the opposition that a UN Women’s document has received from the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt. The group has opposed this document because of clauses within it that they consider incompatible with the tenants of Islam. … Continue reading

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Equal Pay? Not yet, no time soon…especially for teen girls.

This snarky article rips the GOP in several states for passing legislation which further widens the pay gap for women, or rather, girls. Safety and education apparently aren’t on the menu for working teens in these Republican states either. … Continue reading

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Contraceptive Use Among Religious Women

This fascinating little article addresses a new study published by the Guttmacher Institute on contraceptive use amongst religious women.  The Guttmacher study found that there is little to no difference among contraceptive practices between religious and non-religious women.  The article … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Vagina

This article does a great job underlining the ridicule in radical anti-choicers’ arguments. This article points out that radical pro-lifers are often more interested in the mistreatment (punishment) of the women undergoing an abortion than the welfare of children. The … Continue reading

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