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Clinic helps end harmful cultural practices in Bangladesh In Chanti Hasradanga, a rural village in rural northwest Bangladesh, a clinic is helping the community to change harmful cultural practices that cause infant mortality. Women in this village typically do not receive pre- or post-natal medical treatments, but … Continue reading

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Plus Size Models during New York Fashion Week

The fashion industry is notorious for being sizeist and not really incorporating women of all sizes. But, this years New York Fashion Week put a spotlight on more plus-size models then ever before. Thanks to Project Runway, Marc Jacobs and Ashley … Continue reading

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1966: China’s Cultural Revolution

When the professor mentioned this word”Cultural Revolution”, I even have forgotten this event is related to culture. For our generation, the impression of this event is not very clear.I know it mainly from the literary  described by intellectuals in that … Continue reading

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Status of Women in Canada A new report released by Status of Women Canada shows Canada falling in several fronts of gender equality according to a CBC article posted September 7th.  The report compiles analysis of gender equality topics such as violence against … Continue reading

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Pop Star Identifies As Pansexual

Pop star Miley Cyrus recently revealed to several publications that she considers herself to be gender fluid and pansexual, claiming that she doesn’t label herself as neither boy nor girl and doesn’t limit herself to those labels when choosing romantic partners. … Continue reading

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Glorifying Busy

“Students wrote about them as if they were embarking on a fruitful challenge: maxing out the total credits they could take, being involved in every club, not sleeping. They would reap the rewards of A’s today and impressive resumes later, … Continue reading

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44 Stock Photos That Hope To Change The Way We Look At Women

I found this set of photos interesting, particularly because it shows women defying previous “cultural norms.” Women in these photos are seen and portrayed as doing tasks and occupations that men usually have done in the past. There is one … Continue reading

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A Girl Like Me

Teenage filmmaker Kiri Davis created a short film about race and young women in America. She recreated the “doll test” that was used by Dr. Kenneth Clark to settle Brown vs. Board of Education. She documents the result in her … Continue reading

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Dear Lego Company,

Gender inequalities do not discriminate by age. Recently, a 7-year-old girl named Charlotte Benjamin wrote a letter to the Lego company to complain about the differences in not just the dominant ratio of male Lego people to female Lego people, … Continue reading

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It’s A Girl – Gendercide in India and China

The film, It’s A Girl (available now on Netflix watch instantly), casts a light on the way girls in India and China are discriminated against because of their sex. According to the film’s website, the UN estimates as many as … Continue reading

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