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LGBTQ Vulnerability

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Sexual assault is a form of violence that disproportionately affects women and minority groups. This can be seen from the rates of sexual assault on LGBTQ people. It’s no shock to me that simply coming out increases one’s risk for sexual assault. The article lists and explains the risk factors LGBTQ people experience including greater risk of alcohol and drug use, homelessness, poverty and lack of employment opportunities. It also explains the role myths about LGBTQ people play in the disproportionate rates of violence.

I found this article interesting because we give the #MeToo movement so much credit for allowing victims to share their stories and find support. However, the stories that get the most attention are those of prominent straight white women and a powerful male assaulter. I think the #MeToo movement is shifting in the right direction, but are we doing enough to allow everyone’s story to be heard?

Why is it that despite the staggering statistics on the rates of sexual assaults on minority groups the stories that get the most attention are those of primarily straight white female celebrities?

Aftermath of abuse: When is it okay to share another’s story?

This particular article posted in the Guest column by News24, is about the aftermath of abuse. The headline asks, “when is it okay to share another’s story?” This is an interesting article to read because we always try to encourage the victims of abuse to speak out, but we never concern ourselves about it being okay to share someone else’s story.

For those victims who are lucky enough to escape their situation or even for those who were not it is important that everyone come together to we lead lives of those who bare a substantive amount of fear. Because as women, we never know whether we are even safe from being taken under the raft of an abuser or a rapist, we must stand together. For those who cannot speak, someone has to speak for them because we cannot continue to hide if we want to see a change.

So, my question to you guys is, when is it okay to speak out? When will enough be enough?

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Valedictorian asked to not speak of sexual assault

Lulabel Seitz said that she was told by her administrators to not speak about her or other students sexual assault experiences in high school. Almost scared away she decided to still speak on sexual assault during her valedictorian speech. Her microphone was then cut off because the school said that her speech, “wouldn’t help”. When her sexual assault happened the school did nothing and would not comment on cutting off her microphone.



What do you think was the school’s motive for not wanting her to talk about sexual assault in her speech?

Nearly 20 years after peace pact, Guatemala’s women relive violence

According to this article submitted to CNN news by Julie Guinan, in 1996 there was an agreement that was reached between the insurgents and the government. But after that agreement came a terrorizing backlash of immunity and discrimination. Many of men in the military began to commit cruel and unusual crimes against these women and returned to society without any form of regret or punishment.

From then until today many of those who remain in power still have not changed the way they view and treat women. Because Guatemala is a patriarchal society these women are forced to suffer a continuing cycle of violence. Most of these cases never even make it to court and also according to this article, 20 years from 1996 the rates of violent crimes like these are higher in Guatemala than before.

Why is it fair to these men that they continue to kill, rape torture and humiliate these women who are vulnerable because of war? Why aren’t there any establishments being set up to support these women?

Guinan, Julie. CNN. Guatemala: Gender-based violence at epidemic levels. Cables News Network. April 08, 2015. <>. June 11, 2018.

Title IX should be an effective tool in the fight against school violence


I know that piece is almost like an advertisement requesting support of Title IX, but I feel as though it hits on an interesting point: the importance of addressing violence against women at an early age.

As I have expressed before, my thoughts on the need of society to reevaluate how children are socialized into the status quo of gender stratification and gender-based violence, the author of this short article is broaching this idea similarly. As data she references in her articles shows a strong correlation (54%) between school shootings and gender-based violence, I find it hard to ignore the statistics are hard to ignore.

Do you think that gender-based violence could be stifled by earlier acknowledgement and perhaps better management of violence among children?

Incel: Movement to promote violence against women

WATCH: Inside the ‘incel’ movement inspiring mass violence against women


For the past couple of years, there has been a hate group called incel that promotes violence against women. The incel group started on various forms such as 4chan, reddit, etc. to increase awareness that women should give them sex. This group can be of any age range, as long as their males and have the same “issue”.These other issues would include rape, assault, and femicide. As stated before, this group’s main goal is to harm women because women are depriving these men of sex. There have been various attacks towards women, by this group, for years. The most recent was in Toronto in April.  Fortunately, Reddit eventually banned this group because of what it stood for. However, this movement is still out and is spreading due to the rise of feminists and other women right’s movements.

Let me just point out that this is the entire reason why women activists groups exist. Enough is enough with violence. It makes no sense that women have to be in danger because of sexists. This is also why the debate against women and violence still exists, because of men like this. Women and men will get nowhere as long as senseless groups like Incel exist. Just for an update, I also read that this group is now on the “darknet” and have had members successfully carry out their hatred towards women.


Transgender person allegedly gang-raped in Peshawar

The culprits also threatened to kill S* if she disclosed to anyone about the incident. PHOTO: EXPRESS

A transgender, whom was advocating for the rights of the transgender community, was first kidnapped and then gang-raped by at least nine people in the Gulbahar neighborhood of Peshawar. The culprits also threatened to kill her if she were to say anything about the incident. This was an obvious attack on the LGBT community. They picked the victim up and raped them throughout the night.The following day after being released, the victim wrote in a complaint that was filed at the city’s Police Station however, they never registered the complaint or even sent the victim for a medical evaluation.

The Gulbahar Police Station rejected the victim’s claim and tried to accuse her of her “false” allegations of gang rape. The victim was then targeted for speaking up on the violence that went on against the LGBT community and was then warned not to take part in any future opportunities to advocate for rights of the transgender community or else she would be killed.

Question: Is it necessary to pose a threat so serious as death to someone who is fighting for their right to simply be who they are?

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After CNN report, lawmakers want answers from Uber, Lyft on sexual assaults


Although I have only ever taken an uber once or twice, this article struck me pretty hard – knowing that my mother and many other women I know regularly utilizes the ride sharing app. It seems to me that there should be a fairly rigorous interviewing process to become a driver for any of the ride sharing companies, seeing that the most common reason people I know that use the app is to ensure a designated driver (of sorts) and safe passage home after an evening out. The fact that these drivers are taking advantage of women at their most vulnerable points, when they are paying for a service that is intended to ensure their safety, is beyond disgusting.

How many of you regularly use apps such as uber? Do you know anyone that has been taken advantage of in these types of situations?

Why violence against women in film is not the same as violence against men


Have you ever watched a movie and noticed the significant difference in violence against the woman versus the man? In this article, it talks about how women are overly sexualized when it comes to violent acts against them. Not only are women being killed or hurt in films, but a lot of the times it has some sort of sexual tendency towards it. A perfect example of this is the beginning of the movie “Halloween”. As the little boy is stabbing his sister to death, she does not have on any clothes and is almost sexually moaning as she is dying. As gruesome as that sounds, it is integrated into our society to not really notice these things. When I first watched Halloween, I did not notice that at all, but watching the scene again, after reading this article was mind blowing. And it is not just horror movies that portrays women different in violent, it’s just about everything. Comedy, thrillers, etc. To add onto how men are portrayed with violence, it shows that they can never be hurt, and that they are too strong to feel general pain. The media only shows what the society wants, and it creates this idea that leads to violence in general.

University of Southern California being sued – Campus Physician Sexually Abusing Females

In the news again – sexual abuse on campus – NBC Nightly News reporting on campus doctor (Dr. George Tyndall) sexually abusing students where the university has received over 300 complaints of sexual abuse and in 2016 he had violated the university’s policy on sexual harassment but not removed and thus having the environment to continue predatory behaviors. CBS news coverage states that students report that the university “deliberately concealed” Tyndall’s sexual abuse.
I do not know if it’s just because I’m in this class or has there not been enough publicity regarding sexual abuse and harassment against women. When we use gender abuse/violence, this seems to minimize the DECADES of trauma to women.
This report states that the university was aware of the gynecologist’s sexual abuse dating back to the beginning of 2000; that is over 18 years ago. Calls for the chancellor to resign in light of these allegations are rampant.
To my peers, my question is should the chancellor resign? Do you feel that this culture of sexual abuse was perpetuated and/or sanctioned because there was no action taken against Tyndall? How could he go under the radar for such a long time and allegations be swept under the rug?

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