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I “just” wanted to point this out…

As students — many of whom will be scouring the job market for opportunities in the near future — we are often preoccupied with the written and spoken language that we use; not solely for the numerous research papers, essays … Continue reading

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First-Year Duke Student Porn Star

Here is an article about a blog writer for Duke’s website confronting and interviewing a freshman student who has decided to get into the adult movie industry to pay her tuition: Personally, I believe that any person should have … Continue reading

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A Girl Like Me

Teenage filmmaker Kiri Davis created a short film about race and young women in America. She recreated the “doll test” that was used by Dr. Kenneth Clark to settle Brown vs. Board of Education. She documents the result in her … Continue reading

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Roe At Risk: Fighting for Reproductive Justice Review

When I began to think of topics that would interest our entire class, I immediately thought of this video. Compiled by the Alliance 4 Justice, this video address the issue of Reproductive Justice. Many think of FGM or other extremes … Continue reading

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Board of…Women? In this Harvard Business School article, researches ponder the question why there are so few women holding board seats at the 1500 S&P businesses (only 14% of board seats are held by women).  The results of their research are very interesting in … Continue reading

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Violence Against Women Act 2013

The senate today passed the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act. All of the women senators voted in favor, as did all of the democrats and not surprisingly those who were opposed were republican men. Some very important changes … Continue reading

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Update on Violence Against Women Act

Since the Violence Against Women Act, VAWA, was mentioned during our first class period, I thought it would be good to get an update on the challenges facing Congress as well as identify the main issues with VAWA.

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Michelle Obama and Anti-Gay Laws in Russia

I found two articles this week that were equally relevant and thought provoking in light of our readings, and I could not choose to share just one. The first is from the Feminist Wire where the first lady is being … Continue reading

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Kansas bill heats debate over rights of Mothers to be

What happens if the ultrasound technician see something wrong and decides NOT to tell you:  As someone who has felt that nervous glide of the ultrasound many times–wondering if all was OK, I understand the ramifications of this bill.

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Gendering the Immigration Debate

In today’s New York Times, there are two pieces regarding immigration and Latinos — unrelated articles, but developments to pay attention to. First is the announcement that Obama is going to recruit Latina actresses to help promote his ideas for … Continue reading

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