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Kansas’ Anti-Gay Segregation Bill

Words cannot express how much this angers me. I found this article on Tumblr recently, and couldn’t believe it at first. A few days later and I am still in shock that this is really happening. Gay people in Kansas … Continue reading

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Political Cauldron Boils on U.N. Women’s Rights

In this article, Amy Leiberman discusses the outcomes of this year’s UN Global Gathering of Women. While the gathering did produce conclusions via a 17 page document on the issue of violence against women, it is heavily criticized by many within gender and women’s … Continue reading

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Indonesian LBT Women Exposed to Backlash   In Indonesia they are fighting for women’s rights, but LGBT rights are not considered to be part of those. In fact if LGBT rights are mentioned it brings backlash from the fundamentalists and weakens the advocacy for women. … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama and Anti-Gay Laws in Russia

I found two articles this week that were equally relevant and thought provoking in light of our readings, and I could not choose to share just one. The first is from the Feminist Wire where the first lady is being … Continue reading

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LGBT Adoption Bill Introduced to the House – READ

This article is explains what this bill is and that chances that is will pass the bill.  I would give more detail but it is a fantastic aritcle and want people to read it.  So here is the link to … Continue reading

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Businesses in NY sign letter encouraging Gay Marriage

Business leaders in New York wrote a letter that states that they want legislation that would permit gay marriage.  The letter states that New York is losing business ground because individuals are moving to states that acknowledge gay marriage.  The … Continue reading

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S. Korea court upholds military ban on gay behavior

The following is the newspaper content I quoted from the Yahoo! News. SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea’s Constitutional Court on Thursday upheld a military law banning homosexual behaviour, saying the need to maintain discipline takes precedence over individual sexual freedom. … Continue reading

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Bill in Maine that would allow businesses and schools to choose which bathroom a transgender can use

This article is about a debate/public hearing that took place in Maine about a bill that would allow schools dn businesses to determine which bathroom a transgender could use.  Maine representatives says this bill is mostly about protecting businesses from … Continue reading

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Have A Gay Old Time – Liberating Homosexuality In The Middle East

Thought this article and video is very interesting. I just finished a paper for Dr. Russell’s class on homosexuality in the Middle East, and I talked about how organizations that are formed to fight for gay rights in the Middle … Continue reading

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Malaysia’s anti-gay camp violates law, says minister

This article from the BBC details a the Malaysian Women’s Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil’s response to a camp that claims to “un-gay” young Muslim boys.  She maintains that characterizing these supposedly effeminate teenage boys as gay or transsexual, and then attempting to “correct” … Continue reading

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