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Armenian Genocide update

After reading Bastard of Istanbul, I thought you might find this update interesting:  It discusses how many countries and even states within the US have recognized the Armenian Genocide.

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Passionate Plea for Student Participation

As ECU gears up for its Open House next month, this article by my friend and colleague Khaled Fahmy struck me as fascinating, pleading for student participation in politics:

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“Amreeka” Film Showing 4.18.2011

On Monday, April 18, 2011 the Ethnic Studies Program hosted a film showing of the film Amreeka. Amreeka is the story of an immigrant family’s journey to the US and their introduction to American culture. It also a continuation of … Continue reading

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Hugs from Libyans

Nicholas Kristof, co-author of “Half The Sky”, has published an op-ed in the New York Times regarding his perspective on American military action in Libya. While the general consensus in the United States seems to be that we are out … Continue reading

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Strip Clubs Outpace Laws in Kenya

This article from Women’s E-News discusses the rise of the strip club industry in Kenya. Although the practice is illegal, owners circumvent the laws by registering the businesses as bars. Interestingly, there is a comment saying that they want their … Continue reading

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The Cybersex Industry in the Philippines

Girls who leave their families are being promised a paying job as a domestic worker or as a babysitter, but they end up being used as cybersex chat girls in the Philippines.  The Philippines is an established sex trade country, … Continue reading

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The World Economic Forum: Where are the Women?

from Susan Pearce: It is interesting that both the Wall Street Journal and Businessweek ask “where are the women?” at the World Economic Forum. See this short piece in the Huffington Post. What are the implications of this for women, … Continue reading

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