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How Menstrual Cups Can Improve Educational Outcomes For Girls In Africa

Menstruation is an often overlooked factor in understanding poor educational outcomes for girls in parts of Africa and other developing areas.  Without access to sanitary products, many girls (and women) are often forced to use items like unsanitary rags, leaves … Continue reading

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Creative Presentation

My Creative Project I chose to create an informative presentation that displayed the statistics and things being done to fight sexual violence on campuses. Feel free to share this video with whoever you choose. Click the autoplay button and watch … Continue reading

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Kansas’ Anti-Gay Segregation Bill

Words cannot express how much this angers me. I found this article on Tumblr recently, and couldn’t believe it at first. A few days later and I am still in shock that this is really happening. Gay people in Kansas … Continue reading

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A Girl Like Me

Teenage filmmaker Kiri Davis created a short film about race and young women in America. She recreated the “doll test” that was used by Dr. Kenneth Clark to settle Brown vs. Board of Education. She documents the result in her … Continue reading

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It’s A Girl – Gendercide in India and China

The film, It’s A Girl (available now on Netflix watch instantly), casts a light on the way girls in India and China are discriminated against because of their sex. According to the film’s website, the UN estimates as many as … Continue reading

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Play “Half The Sky” on Facebook

In the article below, The New York Times reveals the launching of a new game promoted by Facebook that brings the book Half the Sky to virtual life in an attempt to expose the atrocities and challenges facing women around the … Continue reading

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Political Cauldron Boils on U.N. Women’s Rights

In this article, Amy Leiberman discusses the outcomes of this year’s UN Global Gathering of Women. While the gathering did produce conclusions via a 17 page document on the issue of violence against women, it is heavily criticized by many within gender and women’s … Continue reading

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India Rape Ordinance Blasted by Female Activists Based on the deadly gang rape the president added an anti-rape ordinance into law. Protesters are furious because they say it was crafted without any input and falls short of bringing perpetrators to justice. The outcry is … Continue reading

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Mona el-Tahawy and Leila Ahmed discuss FP “Why do they hate us” piece

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Arab Spring is frosty for Women According Qatari Author

In an interview with al-Jazeera, a Qatari author discusses the (non)impact the Arab Spring on women: .

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