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No Place for Boys

The country’s first shelter for sex-trafficked boys will open Spring 2016! Anna and Chris smith are from Greenville, NC and they have picked a spot for the shelter here in Eastern NC. I was surprised to hear that this shelter … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking In Our Own Backyard

We all know that human trafficking exists, but we tend to think it’s “over there,” not here in the U.S.  How do you feel about trafficking being a problem in our own backyard? I just saw this article about Human … Continue reading

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“Somaly Mam: Saint or Sinner? Does it Matter?”

This past week, our class read and discussed the book, The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam (2005). The book tells the story of her early life, her experience being trafficked into the sex trade, and her efforts to … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking in the United States: Literature Review

Journal by Schauer and Wheaton Research by C. White December 6, 2015 Schauer and Wheaton proclaim that most victims of sex trafficking are females from Russia (Schauer and Wheaton 2006:154), 700,000 people are victims of sex trafficking worldwide, and from … Continue reading

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Trafficking in Human Beings: Training and Services among US Law Enforcement Agencies

By C. White November 14, 2015 Wilson et al. (2006:149) recognizes that the US currently has connections to international agencies to eliminate sex trafficking, and it maintains preventive policies and federal victim assistance. But Wilson et al. argues that local … Continue reading

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Europe needs to do more to prevent human trafficking This snippet highlights another consequence of the migration of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. According to the article, human traffickers are taking advantage of refugees’ vulnerable state, often smuggling them via “unseaworthy vessels.” UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking … Continue reading

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Hmong child bride lawsuit in Minnesota This article is about child brides ie human trafficking of child brides from Laos. In this case, a woman has chosen to speak out and is suing her perpetrator/abuser. There is apparently a population of Hmong people in St. … Continue reading

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Federal Plan for addressing sex trafficking in the US

The title of the report is: Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States 2013-2017. Although it is somewhat lengthy to read, it is worth at least skimming through. Most of our class readings … Continue reading

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It’s A Girl – Gendercide in India and China

The film, It’s A Girl (available now on Netflix watch instantly), casts a light on the way girls in India and China are discriminated against because of their sex. According to the film’s website, the UN estimates as many as … Continue reading

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Play “Half The Sky” on Facebook

In the article below, The New York Times reveals the launching of a new game promoted by Facebook that brings the book Half the Sky to virtual life in an attempt to expose the atrocities and challenges facing women around the … Continue reading

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