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Trafficking in Human Beings: Training and Services among US Law Enforcement Agencies

By C. White November 14, 2015 Wilson et al. (2006:149) recognizes that the US currently has connections to international agencies to eliminate sex trafficking, and it maintains preventive policies and federal victim assistance. But Wilson et al. argues that local … Continue reading

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Europe needs to do more to prevent human trafficking This snippet highlights another consequence of the migration of refugees from the Middle East and Africa. According to the article, human traffickers are taking advantage of refugees’ vulnerable state, often smuggling them via “unseaworthy vessels.” UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking … Continue reading

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Hmong child bride lawsuit in Minnesota This article is about child brides ie human trafficking of child brides from Laos. In this case, a woman has chosen to speak out and is suing her perpetrator/abuser. There is apparently a population of Hmong people in St. … Continue reading

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Federal Plan for addressing sex trafficking in the US

The title of the report is: Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking in the United States 2013-2017. Although it is somewhat lengthy to read, it is worth at least skimming through. Most of our class readings … Continue reading

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It’s A Girl – Gendercide in India and China

The film, It’s A Girl (available now on Netflix watch instantly), casts a light on the way girls in India and China are discriminated against because of their sex. According to the film’s website, the UN estimates as many as … Continue reading

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Play “Half The Sky” on Facebook

In the article below, The New York Times reveals the launching of a new game promoted by Facebook that brings the book Half the Sky to virtual life in an attempt to expose the atrocities and challenges facing women around the … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking: Survivors offer tips to the Dept of Transportation

In this article Holly Smith, a human trafficking survivor and activist, discusses the US Department of Transportation’s push to involve survivor input in helping train employees to recognize and prevent human trafficking. The Department of Homeland Security, Department of Transportation, and Amtrak joined forces … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking Figures

The Washington State Attorney General’s Office website contains information about what they call “sexual trafficking” (including child pornography). They provide statistics about their individual state but also national statistics. One staggering statistic from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children … Continue reading

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Mortenson Debate

Not sure if anyone read in Today’s Greenville Paper (The Daily Reporter) but Nick Kristof wrote a commentary on the debate surrounding Greg Mortenson and his books and successes in Afghanistan. Everyone should check it out! I also found it on … Continue reading

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Enslaved for 40 Days in US

This is the story of a Mexican woman who was taken from Mexico and brought to the US as a work slave.  She was lied to by her trafficker to get her to come to the country and then was … Continue reading

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