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Return Of Kings

I’m sure many of you know who Sophia Bush is, the actress that starred as Brooke Davis on the hit show One Tree Hill. Today on Twitter, she posted a link to an article about the Return of Kings. With … Continue reading

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I “just” wanted to point this out…

As students — many of whom will be scouring the job market for opportunities in the near future — we are often preoccupied with the written and spoken language that we use; not solely for the numerous research papers, essays … Continue reading

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Update on the Adel Imam Case

An Egyptian court upheld the guilty ruling against actor Adel Imam of “offending Islam.”  The actor did not appear in court, but his lawyers made the claim that government censors had approved his roles, therefore he did nothing wrong.  The … Continue reading

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Awaiting update on Adel Imam Case

Adel Imam, actor in the film version of The Yacoubian Building, and countless other films failed to show up in court for his appeal on his contempt for religion charge.  The case is adjourned until April: .

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Rise in Cyberstalking a Danger to Women

This article describes how with the technological boom of recent years and the creation of social networking sites has impacted women in a frightening way. Women are often cyber-stalked and harassed by strangers of intimate partners via e-mail, text message … Continue reading

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Man as the “default” human

See this example in the link below. We often discuss this in our gender classes — the continued reference to humans or people if they are male, and identification of their gender if they are female. Just review a few … Continue reading

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