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Commentary: Gender Pay Gap persists in 2014

“America’s gender pay gap is at a record low, but hold the celebration” By: Heidi Hartmann Summary: In this September 22 commentary published on, Heidi Hartmann the president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research critiques a recent U.S. … Continue reading

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Punishing Rape with More Rape? DRC Trauma Stories

Last week, Lauren Wolfe of Women Under Siege wrote about the rape and violence of everyday life in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This violence is tearing families apart. Men, women, and children are caught in the horrors of war … Continue reading

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Maternal Mortality in Kenya Related to Unsafe Water

This article offers a new twist on insight into the problem with rampant maternal/infant mortality rates in Kenya, Africa. While disease and lack of access to proper medical care contributes to these problems, the issue of access to clean water … Continue reading

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The Cybersex Industry in the Philippines

Girls who leave their families are being promised a paying job as a domestic worker or as a babysitter, but they end up being used as cybersex chat girls in the Philippines.  The Philippines is an established sex trade country, … Continue reading

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The Risk of Rape for Tanzanian School Girls

Girls who desire to finish their schooling usually have to live far away from their villages and families in cheap huts called ghettos.  The ghettos are buildings without  electricity, water, and security for the girls living in them.  This has … Continue reading

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Afghan’s Widows

There are an estimated 2 million widows in Afghanistan because of war that ends up killing their husbands.  Women are also widowed because of low life expectancy and early marriage that leave women widowed in their 20s and 30s.  When … Continue reading

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This video was filmed last fall by a Lebanese group in Alexandria, in support of Egypt. Without even understanding a word of Arabic, you can see women demonstrating unity of communities, discussing problems.

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