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Boycott Botswana Tourism

We have been reading and studying about the !Kung San people. There is a serious situation in in Botswana and Cultural Survival is calling for people to sign and circulate a petition. The Khoisan peoples are being denied basic rights … Continue reading

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Do You Know About CEDAW?

On December 18, 1979, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW); an international agreement designed to codify standards that would eliminate all forms of economic, political, … Continue reading

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Interested in working to help women in Ghana this summer?

Saha Global (formerly known as Community Water Solutions) empowers women in rural communities to solve their village’s need for clean water and electricity by providing business opportunities. How do we do it? We bring leaders from around the world to … Continue reading

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This “Men’s Rights” Group Wants To Make Rape Legal I have seen this “men’s rights” group all over social media recently. This leader is getting a lot of publicity recently and has been trying to set up meetings in different countries. His viewpoint is that “rape should be … Continue reading

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Women and Zika Virus

Why are governments telling women in Central America not to get pregnant when there are few health facilities available and women have  limited access to contraception and/or abortion? Wouldn’t it make more sense for governments like the one in El … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking During the Superbowl?

With the Super Bowl coming up, I found this article to be interesting to read in relation to how we talked about human trafficking not too long ago. The article questions whether there is a strong relationship between major sporting … Continue reading

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Something new with the Zika virus

On February 1, The World Health Organization declared a global emergency over the rapidly spreading Zika virus. The WHO was quoted as saying that it is an “extraordinary event” and that it poses a threat to the rest of the … Continue reading

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Should HPV vaccines be mandatory in developing nations to ensure women’s health?

This issue would make a good paper topic. We know women die from cervical cancer in large numbers in many developing nations. Mandatory HPV vaccination would cut this death rate, but at what cost? It is projected that it would … Continue reading

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Human Trafficking In Our Own Backyard

We all know that human trafficking exists, but we tend to think it’s “over there,” not here in the U.S.  How do you feel about trafficking being a problem in our own backyard? I just saw this article about Human … Continue reading

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Rape is not a Punchline This article examines ways that the severity of rape is undermined in pop culture and advertising campaigns. A survey of 1000 adults living in the UK revealed that 38% reported hearing jokes about sexual assault or sex crimes in … Continue reading

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