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As we all know it is pride month, I saw on twitter that a jury is going to sentence a man to death because of him being gay. They said that the jury was homophobic and gave him the death sentence. One of the juror members stated how the others knew that Rhine’s was homosexual and that he shouldn’t go to prison and spend his life with other men that are locked up while others said that being gay was sinful. Ultimately he was sentenced to the death penalty because the jurors thought he should not be inside a jail. It is sad when we live in a life time of being able to take someone’s life because they choose to live differently. I do not agree with everything people do, but I feel as though we don’t have the right to determine who dies and who lives. I believe in a higher power, and I let Him handle those situations. Humans are known for error, and I would not want someone’s death on my conscious for the rest of my life.

Doctor banned from working for her insensitive actions

A man was suffering from a severe anxiety attack, in which he needed narcotics to help alleviate the attack. The doctor presumed to curse and mock at his condition without caring for his wants and needs. He was in extreme pain and had trouble getting up an breathing. He asked his father to capture her actions on video in which was the best thing that could’ve happened. She was banned from working at any branch that is in connection with the hospital.


It is crazy how some people can act when someone is in dire need and is in of one’s care. This is her job to help people and there no telling how many patients she has done this to. The son was right to tell his dad to record it and she should never work for another hospital again.


Do you think something could have prevented this? Do you think she will learn her lesson?

Man Sentenced to Death Possibly Because He’s Gay And The Justice’s Could Care Less


Overview: Charles Rhines, a man that is a part of the LGBTQ community was sentenced to death row because of the fact that he’s gay. When sent to trial because of a crime he had committed all the jury mentioned was the fact that he’s gay and when talking about it they made their feelings of disgust towards that apparent. When considering the options of what to do with Mr. Rhines the jury decided that he didn’t deserve to have the option of serving life in prison without parole because they thought that he would enjoy his punishment too much, being that he would be in an all-male prison.

Opinion: I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that the jury constantly kept bringing up that Charles Rhines was gay during his trial, his sexual preferences had nothing to do with his crime. I also think that it’s awful that the jury decided not to give him life in prison without parole because they felt that he would enjoy it too much because of the fact that he’s gay, so they opted for the giving him a death sentence instead.

Questions: How does this article make you feel? Does Rhines deserve death row? What do you think should be done to help Mr. Rhines have a fair trial? Should the people involved in handling the court case be punished?

Why isn’t FIFA holding Russia accountable for their heinous crimes against those identifying as LGBTQ?

FIFA is the international governing body of association football, futsal, and beach soccer and every four years they organize an international soccer tournament with different host country. This year’s world cup is being played in Russia. The problem with this is that just last year in the Chechen republic, apart of the Russian Federation, it was reported that over 100 men were abducted, killed, and told to identify other men who may be gay in what was called a “gay purge”. LAST YEAR. The article above states that in 2014 when Brazil was the host country for the world cup they successfully lobbied congress to allow beer into the stadiums. Is the presence of Budweiser at events more important than the presence of fans who may be LGBTQ? FIFA has shown themselves capable of advocacy, why are they quiet now?

Public Health Emergency

Drug overdose deaths continue to be a leading cause of death throughout the United States, especially opioid related overdoses. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Americans are dying at the rate of approximately 115 deaths per day from an opioid overdose. This is 5 times higher than the rate in 1999. How has this drug become more regulated yet has become more of a crisis than it was 20 years ago?

While we are finally seeing a change in behavior of the acceptance and treatment of opioids, the crisis is still adamant. Just last year the epidemic was declared a public health of emergency because it was destroying so many lives. What has started out as a way to ease unbearable pain has become an unbreakable addiction. There has also been a recent spike in the use of fentanyl, a lethal drug that is found in opioids.

Thankfully the public is becoming more aware of the consequences of drug abuse and there has been a rapid increase in the awareness of the dangers of opioids. Nonetheless an expansion in the addiction-treatment infrastructure is also becoming prevalent in order to help those combating addiction.

Women in Politics: The Better Option?


Studies have found less corruption in countries that have more women in government positions. A study conducted across 125 countries has proven that there is less corruption in government policy when more women are in positions of parliament. In the United States, only 19% of the representatives in the House of Representatives are women, and less than a quarter of women members in Senate. Women who are given a greater sense of equality through governmental representation have been linked to the lack of corruption within local, state, and national government.

While this does not mean that women cannot be corrupt, the study points out that there is a need to promote gender equality, which has been found to lessen the corruption. More presence of women in politics has also been associated with a better education and health outcome within the community. The researchers Jha and Sarangi also found it important to cross analyze the presence of women in other career positions to find corruption correlations on a lower level. “This research underscores the importance of women empowerment, their presence in leadership roles and their representation in government, said Sarangi, an economics professor and department head at Virginia Tech.”

After Crackdown, Egypt’s LGBT Community Contemplates ‘Dark Future’


Overview: Ahmed Alaa (from Egypt) raised a rainbow flag during a concert in Cairo in last September. He absolutely loved it, calling it “the best moment” of his life. He, of course, posted pictures on social media and immediately got death threats. A few days after that, he was then arrested for “dangerously deviant behavior”.

Opinion: I honestly cannot believe that he would get threatened so much and then arrested for the act on top of that. All he did was raise a flag during a concert. He didn’t cause a disruption or make it seem like he was pushing the LGBT community too much onto the public.

Question: Do you think this is a reason to get arrested for? Why or why not?

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