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Islam versus Sharia Law- Which Is Inherently Sexist?

                                                           By Hayley Huff Western images of Muslim women in the Middle East usually include veiled women closely guarded by men or hidden away from public view, and .Islam, as a religion that oppresses women, is thought to be the … Continue reading

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Controversy Over Date Rape Nail Polish

Although this post came out almost two years ago, I still find it very interesting. Four college men invented a nail polish that can detect the date rape drug and help women protect themselves if they are in danger. What … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments So I honestly wanted you guys opinion on this, because there are points in here I agree with to an extent but there also are certain representations that accepting this law brings. But I can understand certain points, so … Continue reading

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Op Ed: Who is Responsible for the Death of these Babies?

                                      By Alexandria Lloyd When you think of large numbers of deaths, do you picture young children and infants? Probably not. Well for some that is not a luxury they can afford. An infant left for dead in the Alto … Continue reading

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Op Ed: Ending Sexual Trafficking

                                                 By: Julia Treadway Imagine being ten years old and having your parents tell you to go pick up something from the neighbors down the street. Imagine walking there with no shoes feet hitting the hot pavement, preparing yourself to … Continue reading

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Zika and Family Planning in El Salvador: Not Just the Women’s Problem

by Anna Lawrence At the dawn of 2016, global reports were rife with news of the quickly spreading Zika virus and its potentially fatal impact to the fetuses of pregnant women who had been infected. El Salvador’s official recommendation to … Continue reading

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Rape in Rural Alaska The article discusses the experience of several school teachers in Alaska who have been raped and/or sexually harassed and the school systems attempts to cover it up.

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Op-Ed Women’s Access to Education

by Chelsea Scott It’s almost impossible to believe that it’s only been two years since young Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai was discharged from getting shot in the head just for wanting an education. An essential key that we often take … Continue reading

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#ECUWithoutMe Diversity Campaign

Personally, the most beautiful aspect of being exposed to a University campus is the diversity! There are so many races, ethnic backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives that all come together to create an atmosphere called college. Unfortunately, despite the wonderful cultures … Continue reading

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OP-ED Child Marriages: The Fight to End the Destructive Tradition

By Victoria Chu             Imagine never having the opportunity to receive an education. Imagine having little to no childhood memories. Imagine being married to an older man years before you’ve reached your 18th birthday. Imagine being forced to give birth … Continue reading

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