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Return Of Kings

I’m sure many of you know who Sophia Bush is, the actress that starred as Brooke Davis on the hit show One Tree Hill. Today on Twitter, she posted a link to an article about the Return of Kings. With … Continue reading

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Husband School

In Niger, more than one woman dies every two hours in childbirth, and many more become disabled.  With high levels of gender inequality and maternal deaths, the United Nations Population Fund began offering “Husbands’ School” to educate married men about … Continue reading

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Op-Ed: Review Comparison on Two Different Human Rights Activism Techniques

By C. White on October 21, 2015 Book titled, Confronting Global Gender Justice: Women’s Lives, Human Rights includes “Marjorie Agosin’s poetics of memory: human rights, feminism, and literary forms” by Pérez and “Digital storytelling for gender justice: exploring the challenges … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence in the African American Community

By C. White on October 23, 2015 African Americans are disproportionally affected by intimate partner violence (IPV) from current or former romantic partners. In one study, African American males self-reported violent acts against their women at significantly higher rates and … Continue reading

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Clinic helps end harmful cultural practices in Bangladesh In Chanti Hasradanga, a rural village in rural northwest Bangladesh, a clinic is helping the community to change harmful cultural practices that cause infant mortality. Women in this village typically do not receive pre- or post-natal medical treatments, but … Continue reading

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Status of Women in Canada A new report released by Status of Women Canada shows Canada falling in several fronts of gender equality according to a CBC article posted September 7th.  The report compiles analysis of gender equality topics such as violence against … Continue reading

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Pop Star Identifies As Pansexual

Pop star Miley Cyrus recently revealed to several publications that she considers herself to be gender fluid and pansexual, claiming that she doesn’t label herself as neither boy nor girl and doesn’t limit herself to those labels when choosing romantic partners. … Continue reading

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Intimate Domestic Violence: African American Women

Institutional and internalized racism significantly contributes to African American misogyny and domestic violence. The problem is as old as African American slavery and the 19th century Freedmen’s Bureau (Hubbert 2011:129) contains a list of complaints about domestic violence from African American … Continue reading

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How Menstrual Cups Can Improve Educational Outcomes For Girls In Africa

Menstruation is an often overlooked factor in understanding poor educational outcomes for girls in parts of Africa and other developing areas.  Without access to sanitary products, many girls (and women) are often forced to use items like unsanitary rags, leaves … Continue reading

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I “just” wanted to point this out…

As students — many of whom will be scouring the job market for opportunities in the near future — we are often preoccupied with the written and spoken language that we use; not solely for the numerous research papers, essays … Continue reading

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