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Women in Egypt Speak up about Getting Left out of Constitutional Process

It is interesting to read the previous post about women feeling empowered in Egypt now in their everyday lives. And really interesting link between sexual harrassment and political frustraction. But what about at the largerĀ “public” levels of society? See this … Continue reading

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New TV Show on Abuse in Afghanistan

See this short clip aobut this new show — it’s unique and bold; and it raises the issue of the leadership of men in ending abuse–who wants to take on a discussion about this? TV Show

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“The Kids Are Alright” by Jessica Valenti

http://www.thedaily.com/page/2011/02/05/020511-opinions-column-parents-valenti-1/ Interesting opinion piece by feminist author Jessica Valenti regarding the failed logic of conservative politics to bash homosexual couples parenting children. She touches on the traditional gender roles in America as well. – Lenna Jones

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