ECU Student Op-ed Pieces

No One Wants to Call Husband a Rapist by Regina Dooley

Limits on Abortion in Iran by Jenna Raleigh

Government Corruption and Female Sex Workers in Kenya by Cushundra Williams

Anorexia and Bulemia are Caucasian Western Diseases by Mary Pettengill

Menstruation in India and the Need for Education by Almira Salic

Sexual Harassment and the Geography of Fear by Victoria Wagoner

Female Circumcision vs. Female Genital Mutilation by Tamara Kovacs

Introducing Culture into Maternal Care by Ellen Branch

Free From the Sex Trade by Megan Baillie

Breaking the Cycle Op-Ed by Amber Thomas

Cortwright op ed, Rape is not a Weapon of War Lindsay Cortwright

Gender In India Megan Allen

The Question of Human Rights as it Relates to Female Circumcision  Op-ed Two Melissa Faircloth

Who Deserves Rights Op-ed One Melissa Faircloth

OpEd TwoMarianne Ayers

OP ed2 Veiling Cory Banks

Universality op-ed

Latin American Revolution OpEd  Megan Allen

Cory Banks op ed 1

Gay Rights in the Developing World Op Ed

OpEd Piece



Targeting Male Demand to End Sex Trafficking by Bradley Pravlik

The Importance of Educating Women by Centrece Kendall

A Call to End Female Genital Mutilation in Somalia

The Need for Safe Abortions World-Wide. Meredith Gray


Should the State Control Reproduction? Aretta Williams

Stop Honor Killings by Kristen Wade – Kelly Thompson

Liberatory Consciousness by Guillaume Bagal

The GLBT Movements in Poland and Korea: More of the Same? by Lenna Jones

Sex Trafficking in Russia and Moldova: What Can be Done? by Claire Fletcher

Violence against School Girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan by Jessica Anderson

Shattered Innocence: Cambodian Sex Slavery by Mindi Seeman

HIV in Kenya: Focus on Women by Jennifer O’Neill

Mass Rape in War: History’s Forgotten Victims by Lena Jones

All (Wo)Men are NOT Created Equal! by Lenna Jones

Who Needs Girls? by Jessica Waggoner

Humanitarian Organizations Must Involve Refugee Women by Rachel Girmus

Stop Sex Trafficking in Nigeria by Leila McInnis

Cultural Effects on Women’s Education, Autonomy and Fertility by Melanie Hamilton

The “Hidden” Obstetric Complication by Kim Fleming

Targeting Sex Trafficking through Attacking Male Demand by Laura Johnson

Global Gender, Co Ed Global Capitalism, Ronnie Miller

Global Gender, Co Ed Intersectionality, Ronnie Miller

Op-ed 1. The limits of solidarity, Hyun Woo Kim

Op-ed 2. Formation and Changes in Frames of the LGBT at Workplace in Korea, 1990-2010, Hyun Woo Kim

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