Welcome to ECU’s Global Living-Learning Community!

Want to add an international perspective to your major and make yourself more competitive for a job or advanced study after college? Want to increase your chances of earning more once you complete your degree?*

Join us!

This unique living-learning community is perfect for first-year students who want to explore their interests in other cultures and international issues. It is designed for students wishing to major or minor in another language, regardless of their primary field of study (art, biology, business, communication, healthcare, etc).

Members of the Global LLC enjoy the experience of traditional residence hall life and they benefit from living with other students who share their academic goals and interests in international issues and cross-cultural understanding. They have greater access to faculty, staff, and other students from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. Finally, they take part in learning opportunities that highlight diverse cultural practices, worldviews, and linguistic diversity.

Students participating in the Global Living Learning Community will:

  • Take one class together in the fall and spring semesters.
  • Live in an environment that promotes academic achievement.
  • Receive individualized attention and support.
  • Participate in social events in and around the ECU Community.
  • Be exposed to cultures and worldviews that will enhance their personal and professional development.
  • Attend cultural events, film screenings, and talks by experts on global issues.
  • Learn about interning, studying or working abroad.
  • Develop a network of lifelong friendships.

(*Foreign Languages and Literatures graduates earned the most among liberal arts majors according to a recent study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.)