Global Living-Learning Community FAQs

1) How is the Global LLC different from the standard residence hall experience?

The Global LLC is a select community of first-year students interested in majoring or minoring in a language other than English. It provides a unique living experience that connects classroom learning with residence life. It helps making the transition to a large university by providing a supportive, small college atmosphere.

Students enjoy the typical advantages of living on campus, with the added benefit of:

  • living with and taking classes with other students who share their academic goals and interests.
  • enjoying opportunities to interact with faculty from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures outside of the classroom.
  • participating in a variety of engaging social, leadership, academic, and service activities.
  • receiving individualized help in a productive and supportive environment to make a successful transition into the ECU community.

2) Where is the Global LLC located?

Jarvis Residence Hall is a historic building located in the center of campus. It originally opened in 1909 with student accommodations and classrooms. About 130 students live here, making it a tight-knit community. Residents are a short walk away from their classes, West End Dining Center, Student Recreation Center, Mendenhall Student Center, and Joyner Library. Nearby attractions include five residence halls, Hendrix Theatre, a bowling alley, a pool hall, study lounges, a food court, a convenience store, and a coffee bar. Additionally, residents are a hop, skip, and a jump from the shops and restaurants of Uptown Greenville.

3) What types of activities does the LLC organize?

In addition to in-hall discussions and guest speakers, students in the LLC have the opportunity to engage in a diverse series of enrichment opportunities that focus on community building, academic skills and strategies, as well as local and global leadership and awareness. Co-curricular experiences may include, but are not limited to: welcome activities and ropes course, international movie nights, international dining experiences, Voyages of Discovery and/or Performing Arts events, casual conversations with faculty & upper-class students, museum visits or concerts in Raleigh/Durham, as well as individualized academic advising sessions.

4) How many classes must students take together?

Students that participate in the Global LLC take classes that count towards their foundations credits and towards their major or minor.

  • In the fall semester, students take one class together: GLST 1000. Introduction to Global Studies.
  • In the spring term they take one more class together, the subject of which varies according to course offerings.

5) Who is eligible to live in the Global LLC?

Incoming first-year students who:

  • are interested in majoring or minoring in a language other than English.
  • are interested in international issues and cross-cultural understanding.

6) Are there any extra costs?

There are no additional costs associated with the Global Living-Learning Community beyond the standard room and board rates indicated by ECU’s Department of Campus Living.

7) How can I apply?

For application information go to: http://tinyurl.com/zcv89nm