Living Learning Experiences

Here are just a few of the cultural events Global LLC students will enjoy in Fall 2017…


  • 16. Move in.
  • 17-18. Global-LLC Welcome Activities (2-day series).


  • Bafa’ Bafa’ cross-cultural awareness event, with Dr. Jon Rezek Executive Director of Global Affairs at ECU.


  • Global Discussion with university students in a mystery country with Dr. Jami Liebowitz, Director of ECU’s Center for Global Academic Initiatives.
  • Japanese Tea Workshop with ECU’s Japanese section. Students will learn about the history and cultural context of Japanese tea from an official ambassador of the Japanese tea industry, Tomoko Gerritsen.


  • Etiquette Dinner with an International Perspective facilitated by Carol Ogus Woodruff, from the ECU Career Center.
  • Laternenfest with ECU’s German Section. Students will learn about the “German Date of Fate” (Nov. 9th) and join in a “Walk Against Hate”. Participants will craft their own paper lanterns, and much more.