Graduate Student Body President 2016-2017

UntitledAnastasia Weeks is Microbiology and Immunology PhD candidate investigating how poxviruses manipulate the host immune response. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, she graduated from Mississippi College with a double major in Biology Research and Chemistry Medical Sciences, and a minor in French. As the current president of the Brody Graduate Association (BGA), and an active member of BGA for 4 years, Anastasia’s dedication has strengthened the professional development, social, and philanthropic opportunities available to Brody graduate students, as well as raised faculty awareness of neglected issues affecting our diverse student body. As GPSS President, Anastasia will continue to collaborate with GPSS and ECU faculty to ensure that all ECU graduate students are afforded the opportunities and resources needed to compete at the forefront of our respective fields.


Vice President 2016-2017
andersonlinkedinSummer Anderson is currently wrapping up an MA in Clinical Health Psychology and is currently a graduate student in the department of public health.  She has previously served as the president for the Psychology Graduate Student Organization, the vice president of GPSS, and as a member of the Graduate Curriculum Committee.  She has a broad range of academic and clinical interests related to behavioral medicine, integrate healthcare systems, and public health.



Treasurer 2016-2017


Executive Associate 2016-2017

fryNathaniel Fry is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD student studying mRNA methylation. From Hanover, Maryland, Nate graduated from Liberty University with a BS in Molecular Biology and interned at the NIH. Nate taught science in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and served as a middle school soccer coach. Nate was a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology department representative and is currently the BGA (Brody Graduate Association) travel officer. Nate thinks critically, adapts easily to rising problems, and is a level headed individual who will utilize his talents and serve the ECU community.