A Resolution for Smarter Research

With the New Year getting closer by the day, it’s time to start making resolutions. Maybe you want to spend more time volunteering, take a trip or sharpen your cooking skills. And then there’s the old standard: get in shape!

While Laupus Library can’t help you drop those last five pounds, we are here to be your personal research trainer. And, we’ve added a new tool that’s a lot less intimidating than those kettlebells you’ve always been scared to try.

ClinicalKey is the newest subscription resource available from Laupus Library and a great way to trim unnecessary fat from your search results. It can be accessed directly from our E-Resources page here.

ClinicalKey is a clinical insight engine designed to quickly return point-of-care, educational, and research information with a single keyword search. MEDLINE citations, research articles, book chapters, graphs, video procedures and more are all included in result sets. Developed by Elsevier, ClinicalKey replaces the company’s longstanding MD Consult, Procedures Consult and First Consult platforms.

At Laupus, we never break our resolution to provide the health sciences community the cutting-edge research tools necessary to work smarter, not harder. So, come see us in the New Year when you’re ready to make your research a little leaner and meaner.

To learn more about ClinicalKey visit the Laupus Library online.

–Kelly Rogers Dilda
Public Communications Specialist
Laupus Library