About this blog

Welcome to ECU Health Beat, the East Carolina University Division of Health Sciences blog.

While ECU certainly takes pride in our strong ties to Eastern North Carolina, we are in fact working hard to improve the health of ALL North Carolinians through preventive, front line medical and dental care and by educating and training the physicians, dentists, nurses and health professionals of tomorrow. We take pride in our ability to produce health care professionals who proudly serve patients throughout our state – from the Outer Banks to the Appalachian Mountains.

ECU Health Beat shares some of our insights as we work toward a healthier North Carolina. Although much of what you read will be shared by health professionals, they aren’t the only audience. We hope the citizens and leaders of the state visit ECU Health Beat to learn about better health, our work in the state, our cutting edge research, and the fine faculty and health professionals we get to work beside.

You will be hearing each week from thought leaders within the Division of Health Sciences, including the Brody School of Medicine, the College of Allied Health Sciences, the College of Nursing, the School of Dental Medicine and the Laupus Library. So, bookmark this site, share with friends and colleagues, and learn more about our exciting work to improve the health of ALL North Carolinians. Great things are happening at ECU!

Dr. Phyllis N. Horns, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences