Capturing student and faculty expertise for the online generation

It’s no secret that Laupus Library is a treasure trove of learning resources for the ECU Health Sciences community. But did you know it’s also a time capsule?

Institutional Repositories (IR), adapted in recent years by universities nationwide, are a modern-day approach to preserving faculty work for future generations by making it available online. When ECU librarians created The Scholarship, their version of an IR for the university, they added a feature to make it even more valuable. They allowed students and staff, not just faculty members, to deposit their work – and make it public.

The ScholarShip stores research papers, documents, presentation slides and other written materials created while working or studying at ECU. And because students, staff and faculty can all contribute their work, The ScholarShip provides another outlet for all members of the Health Sciences community to learn collaboratively outside of the classroom.  

Contributing work to The Scholarship only takes about the same amount of time as it would to upload a picture on a photo sharing website – but its benefits far outweigh (and outlast!) that of a Facebook snapshot.

Contributors can rest assured their uploaded work will remain unaltered and publicly accessible via a sharable, customized hyperlink. This is particularly useful for students pursuing professional opportunities: they can include links to their work on LinkedIn and resumes for years to come, knowing that the link will never be removed or altered.

The ScholarShip also makes work available to anyone on the web – which means Health Sciences findings could be useful for anyone searching key terms found in uploaded work. Graduates have already shared their work with countless researchers across the globe through The ScholarShip – another way to share the great work happening at ECU with the international medical community. Dissertations and theses from ECU graduates can be viewed here.

For more information about The ScholarShip, visit the deposit process page:

We look forward to adding more work to ECU’s very own time capsule, and sharing it with generations to come.

–Dr. Dorothy A. Spencer
Director, Laupus Library