Sep 182012

Conversations for Creating the Future: The Brody School of Medicine and Eastern North Carolina

We are asking some big questions right now at the Brody School of Medicine.  What is the future of our institution?  How can we better serve our community?  How can the synergy between eastern North Carolina and the Brody School of Medicine be enhanced?  What challenges will we face?  How can we overcome them?

We will begin to search for answers to these important questions at an upcoming event: Conversations for Creating the Future: The Brody School of Medicine and Eastern North Carolina. The conference will take place Sept. 27-28 in New Bern.

At Conversations for Creating the Future, about 175 participants will spend two days sharing, learning and collaborating (through conversations, not presentations) in support of our goal of continuously adapting our efforts to fulfill our mission.  Our objectives for the meeting include a better understanding of the unique needs we all have, an awareness of the assets available to us and the initiation of partnerships that will enable us to creatively work together for better health in eastern North Carolina.

The Brody VIA, “Vision, Innovation, and Achievement” a group of about 30 young BSOM faculty, staff and students, will be hosting the event.  Some of the other participants will be BSOM faculty and staff, but the majority will be community leaders, health care practitioners, local officials, patient advocates, and other folks from eastern North Carolina.   Together, we will create a foundation on which clinical, educational, research and service partnerships with our community can be built.  We hope to carry away invigorating ideas to guide the development of our school and bring them back to discuss with the entire BSOM community.



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