Evidence-based medicine: To Go

Digital technology has changed the way we do just about everything. From ordering dinner to planning a road trip, virtually anything can be accomplished remotely – even accessing the library.

Laupus Library continues embracing new technologies that bring cutting-edge educational resources to Health Sciences students and faculty members.

The latest new Laupus-sponsored resource is the Journal of the American Medical Association’s evidence-based medicine (EBM) JAMAevidence tool, which educates users by integrating the best available evidence with clinical experience. JAMAevidence harnesses EBM to walk users through the decision-making process one might face as a clinician.

Teaching according to evidence-based medicine means students are learning the most stringently researched clinical practices. This means North Carolina’s future physicians will be better prepared to assess and treat patients with what’s proven to work.

This tool is also portable and smart-phone friendly. That’s what makes this exciting new resource different from many other online-accessible databases: it’s more than just an information pool. It’s a classroom – to-go. A portion of the site’s features like Quick Reference guides are optimized for the unique size and speed constraints of mobile browsers.

We hope JAMAevidence mobile will be a valued new resource for our learning community, and look forward to providing even more ways to bring library resources to our on-the-go students and faculty.

To tour the full JAMAevidence site or set up a profile, visit:  http://mhprofessional.com/sites/jama/jamademo.html

–Dr. Dorothy A. Spencer
Director for Laupus Library