Health sciences students & faculty get sneak peek into emerging patient care tool

What if you could diagnose, recommend and manage patient care from your iPad? Thousands of health care professionals across the country do it every day. And this summer, so can ECU health sciences students and faculty.

Through July 31, Laupus Library is providing the health sciences community with exclusive access to VisualDx, an innovative new application used by more than 1,500 hospitals for diagnostic accuracy, patient engagement, and medical education.

Designed for ease of use at the point of care, VisualDx is supported by regularly-updated data reviewed by physician experts across a variety of practices. Covering more than 1,200 pediatric and adult conditions represented by over 25,000 images, VisualDx guides users through a visually-based diagnostic process, providing on-the-spot patient education with real medical images a patient can relate to.

Providing our students and faculty members with this cutting-edge tool is an exciting educational opportunity for future graduates to familiarize themselves with an emerging new technology they might soon use in the workforce. And because it’s designed for the patient care setting, VisualDx also gives students a glimpse into the patient-provider dynamic – a perspective our many future primary care providers can especially benefit from.

To learn more and to view the trial link and evaluation information, click here:

Kelly R. Dilda
Public Communications Specialist
Laupus Library