HealthSpan: Time for a New Name????

Probably everybody knows that UHS and PCMH are no more, at least not in official parlance. Nowadays, Vidant Health and Vidant Medical Center are the official names. Similarly, Vidant no longer is using “HealthSpan” to refer to its clinical information system. Vidant Electronic Health Record is the new name. At ECU Physicians, it would be illogical for us to call our system the Vidant Electronic Health Record. But what do we want to call our system?

We are having a contest in the hope of identifying the best name for our system. You are welcome to participate. I will provide a gift certificate to a local restaurant to the person whose suggested name is chosen for use. Please understand this name will be used for all components of the ECU Physicians clinical information system: the electronic medical record, the billing application, the registration and scheduling application, and all other components. An acronym is fine, as long as the words involved are logical and relevant.

Please send all submissions directly to me at: Submissions must be received by March 15, 2012.

Thanks!…..Nicholas Benson, MD, MBA, Medical Director of ECU Physicians