John Hunter and the Philosophy of Dentistry

Dr. Joseph Bord will speak on “John Hunter and the Philosophy of Dentistry” on Monday, February 27 at 4:30 in the 4th floor Evelyn Fike Laupus Gallery of the Laupus Library. John Hunter was one of the foremost eighteenth century surgeons and an early influential theorist of dentistry. This lecture treats his ideas and context in some detail, exploring the interconnections between Hunter’s notions of vitalism, mechanism, politics and progress. The Laupus Library owns the 2nd (1778) edition of his The Natural History of the Human Teeth: Explaining Their Structure, Use, Formation, Growth, Diseases.

Joe Bord received his PhD from Cambridge. His research has concentrated on the relationship between science, politics and social thought. His book Science and Whig Manners, published in 2009, looked at liberalism and the natural sciences in the 19th century. Dr. Bord is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Laupus Library, in the department of History Collections.

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