Laupus joins the fight to preserve print

Despite the prevalence and popularity of tablet and handheld e-readers, many die-hard book fans still prefer physically turning pages of their reading material.

For all those who feel that way, you’ll be glad to hear this: Laupus Library is now participating in the MedPrint print journal retention program.

Developed by the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM), this national program is meant to preserve access to printed medical literature.

Since 2000, US medical libraries increasingly have shifted from printed to electronic journal subscriptions to meet user expectations of 24/7 immediate access to material. This change has increased online access to material and freed up limited physical space in libraries.

In the hustle to meet demands of an internet age, many print journal titles have been discarded and some volumes have been lost or are unavailable online. MedPrint ensures that participating libraries across the country retain at least thirteen print copies of 250 journals identified as primary titles in medicine. The print copies must meet certain quality specifications, and even include advertisements and administrative matter, which can provide context for the time period in which it was published.

Through this system, libraries, students and faculty can feel confident that critical medical research and print articles will be maintained in their original form and available for years to come.

Laupus will be retaining eight of the complete journal subscriptions for this effort. For more information about MedPrint, please see