Mamas Don’t Get Sick

For those of you that are crazy enough to read this blog, I am getting ready to share some top secret information. I have hesitated sharing this information with anyone; you do not offer up the good information. You do not share your favorite babysitter’s contact information or your hairdresser’s. I am not a stingy person, but some things you should not share.

A few weeks ago I was very sick. If you are a mother, you know the title is true. Mamas are not supposed to get sick. I was seven months pregnant and felt terrible. I really tried to hang on, but this morning I know it was time for a professional.  At 8:01 am I dialed 744-0555 and asked for the first available appointment with Dr. Susan Keen at Student Health on East Campus. The operator asked if I could be there at 8:15 am. I arrived at 8:15 am, paid by co-pay and was called back by the nurse by 8:20 am. Within minutes Dr. Keen came in to see me. She listened patiently to me whine and within minutes I had a prescription in hand. I was able to fill it within ten minutes at the Student Health Center Pharmacy. This sick mama was in and out within 45 minutes.

I am sure you are thinking that I just got lucky. No, this is where I go to be seen when I am sick. My husband has also used Rapid Access and now cannot think of going anywhere else. I have gone years without a primary care physician. We know that we are in good hands with Dr. Keen.

I avoided Student Health when I was a student. I guess it is ironic that now as a mama that it is the only place that I want to go.

Marsha Hall