Navigating life’s challenges

Let’s face it, in life, stuff happens.  It can be money problems, relationship issues with family members, being laid off from your job, an injury—whatever it is, when it happens, it’s bound to bring some challenges, problems and setbacks. 

Typically, better days are right around the corner, but sometimes things can feel overwhelming.  Intense situations can set the stage for depression, anxiety, or stress which can also lead to health problems. The World Health Organization reports by the year 2020, depression will be the 2nd most common health problem in the world.

Studies also show that many people with negative emotions will suffer in silence, perhaps because they are embarrassed to admit they need help.  Ironically, research suggests it came make matters worse. Denying these feelings will not make them go away.

Here’s the good news, however.  With help, it is possible to learn how to sail through difficult times. 

The Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies has opened the Navigate Counseling Clinic, a faculty directed, student operated counseling clinic that provides services to ECU staff and students as well as adults in the Greenville area.  

Services are individualized to help people relieve stress, improve relationships, choose a career, improve interpersonal skills, and/or address use of alcohol or other drugs. Counseling individuals, families, and groups will be through a holistic approach utilizing evidence-based and innovative interventions on an outpatient basis.

Our mission is simple:  We help people navigate life’s challenges.

Everyone deserves the life they want.


–Dr. Paul Toriello, Associate Professor
Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies