New program helps ready future physical therapists for the field

In sports, the best athletes and trainers know: winning the game requires practice on and off the field.

Off-field practice for a quarterback means reviewing the plays captured on video long after the game is over. And thanks to a brand-new video database available to the ECU Health Sciences community, the future trainers and therapists among us can hone their skills in a similar fashion. They need only tune in and press ‘play.’

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video is an extensive video library containing expert lectures and practical demonstrations of thousands of skills and techniques. This exciting new program, available through Laupus Library, visually demonstrates hours of best practices in sports and exercise medicine – from fitness and health assessment to injury treatment and work-site wellness.

Our physical therapy students and faculty members from the College of Allied Health Sciences will especially benefit from 24/7 access to the program, which is designed for use in both undergraduate and graduate education settings.

None of the content is more than five years old because the program is continually updated with approximately 100 new hours of video each year. This ensures students and faculty members have a learning resource that will remain on the cutting edge of what’s next in sports medicine and exercise science.

Just as a winning football player hones his skills each replay, CAHS students can step up their physical therapy game every time they view, and re-view, the content in this database. The idea is that this database will supplement the hands-on, evidence-based learning environment already fostered at CAHS.

Consider Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video another pre-game strategy that helps Health Sciences continue to produce the best and brightest. When it’s time to hit the field, CAHS grads will already have a leg up on the competition.

–Dr. Dorothy A. Spencer
Director, Laupus Library