New student tells why he chose health informatics and information management

The American Health Information Management Association celebrated health information professionals during the 24th annual Health Information Professionals Week, March 17‒23, 2013.

2013-03-21 11aFreddie L. Ingle, a newly accepted student in the masters of health informatics and information management Fall 2013 inaugural class, describes what drove him to pursue the degree.

 Why did you choose to pursue an education and career in health informatics and information management?

The field of health informatics is in its infancy and there are a myriad of ground floor opportunities available, especially with the recent government regulations of the healthcare industry pertaining to health information technology.  The employment outlook is excellent relative to many other fields during these uncertain economic times.  I also believe that health information technology can have a significant positive impact on improving the quality of care, reducing costs, and increasing access to healthcare. 

Is this your first degree in your field?

I have a post master’s certificate in information technology with an emphasis in health informatics from another university.  I also hold an MBA with a concentration in information technology and a doctorate of education in technical education from another university, but this will be my first full degree in health informatics.

What led you to select the ECU College of Allied Health Sciences?

Initially I enrolled in the graduate certificate program in health informatics at ECU because it was online, affordable, and because of the excellent reputation of the College of Allied Health Sciences.  I am in my second course in that program.  My professor for the first course was Dr. Xiaoming Zeng.  Dr. Robert Campbell is my current professor.  Both have been excellent.  The courses are challenging, but I have added so much to my professional knowledge and skills repertoire from the experiences.  These two classes have been the basis for my wanting to obtain a master’s from the ECU College of Allied Health Sciences.

How do you plan to use your new degree after graduation, and where do you plan to live?

I am currently an adjunct faculty member in a masters of health administration program at a local university.  I plan to use the knowledge and experiences from the degree to enrich the classes I teach.  In addition, I plan to start a consulting practice to work with rural and small healthcare providers in the area of health information privacy and security and regulatory compliance.  I plan to live in North Carolina as there are many opportunities in the healthcare industry here.


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    I am James and I am trying to start the Health Informatics program next semester since I am graduating with a Bachelor in information Technologies within the Business Education School. What are the requirements? I know i have to apply for the graduate School, did they require the recommendation letters?

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