Promoting a cultured climate at the Brody School of Medicine

“Culture” is all around us—even at the Brody School of Medicine. People may not think of culture as an everyday part of academia or work life here at Brody, but our beliefs and behaviors are ever-present, daily influencing our environment. One of the goals of the BSOM Office of Diversity Affairs (ODA) is to bring a consciousness to our cultures by celebrating diversity, promoting awareness, and valuing differences through programming, activities, and ongoing projects.

One of the ongoing projects of the BSOM Office of Diversity Affairs is the Faces of Brody. The ODA sponsors the Faces of Brody project to promote diversity awareness, inclusion, and appreciation of differences among our BSOM community. Each month,  we feature students, staff, faculty, and administrators (picture and diversity bio) on the first-floor North hall bulletin board. The diversity bio enables participants to express why they feel diversity is important at BSOM, what diversity means to them, interesting facts about themselves, and highlights of their diversity identity.

Another means for promoting cultural awareness is through educational programming such as Diversity Week. Annually, the Diversity Representative of the second year medical class collaborates with ODA to organize a week of daily programs on topics such as race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation/sexual identity. This year, Diversity Week is Feb. 11-14 and includes a panel of students representing various religions on Monday, a gender-and-healthcare talk on Tuesday, an LGBT health presentation from ECU’s Resource Office Director on Wednesday, and a multi-generational panel of African American physicians on Thursday. Diversity Week will end with performances from Dark Water Rising, an award-winning contemporary Native American group, and Bourbon Rebellion, a group comprised of members from BSOM, at 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 at Tipsy Teapot in downtown Greenville.

These are just a few efforts of the Office of Diversity Affairs. To learn more about diversity and our programs visit us online at or email me at

 Chanel Arrington

Diversity Coordinator

Brody School of Medicine Office of Diversity Affairs