Save a little money and eat healthier at the fair by bringing your own snacks

Deep-fried gummy bear, anyone?
How about a fried cinnamon roll with bacon?

If it’s edible, the N.C. State Fair will find a way to fry it. It seems that’s been the tradition. And food gets more outlandish every year. Plenty of pictures of this year’s gut-busting treats can already be seen flying through the social media sphere.

So how can a die-hard fair fan take a better approach to eating? It’s hard to imagine visiting the fair, steeped in its oily glory, without consuming some kind of greasy confection.

One possibility for shaving calories off a trip to the fair is to bring your own snacks. Instead of spending the day eating fried Twinkies and candy in between meals of turkey legs and hot dogs, carry in some healthier snacks for your family to munch on.

It is also possible to scale back the calorie intake while still getting the fair food experience. NC Health News points out there ARE healthier (and still delicious) alternatives to fried cookie dough. These include:

• Popcorn
• Peanuts
• Apples (even the caramel kind)
• Kabobs
• Roasted corn
• Apple cider

The primary point is this: Food closest to its natural state is going to be better for you. Anything that’s a fruit or vegetable is going to be better than something made up entirely of flour or sugar.

If you can’t resist the pull of a fried Twinkie, don’t beat yourself up. Make it a rare indulgence or split a treat with a friend. If you can find something better for you at the fair, finding healthier options every day may not seem as difficult.