Statista: A researcher’s new best friend

Gone are the days of scaling the library shelves for that one last citation to complete your midterm paper. The Laupus Library is now home to Statista, a new information database that’s already done the legwork for you. Procrastinators and diligent students alike can breathe a sigh of relief: each footnote, data byte or statistic can be found by simply clicking ‘search.’

Statista compiles facts and data on over 60,000 topics from more than 10,000 sources in one platform. Categorized into more than 20 market sectors, the database provides direct access to relevant quantitative facts on many areas of interest – from lifestyle and consumer product research to government and health care statistics. Sources of information include market researchers, trade publications, scientific journals and government databases.

Quick access to facts isn’t the only benefit to this new service. Statista offers a variety of user-friendly data translation tools that provide easy ways to visually display your selected data trends through charts, graphs and trend reports.  All of which can be seamlessly exported your PowerPoint, Word or Excel presentation – with citation information included. We hope this will be a much-needed time saver for our faculty and students.

What’s more: because Statista can be conveniently accessed from both the Laupus Library and online, the library can now come to you, wherever you are. We are committed to investing in technologies that ensure the library evolves to meet 21st Century needs of students, faculty and staff. Our hope is that Statista will improve the way we study, learn and grow together.

–Dr. Dorothy A. Spencer
Director, Laupus Library