Streaming Video Sources: Great for Cat Videos, Even Better for Learning

Anyone who’s ever fired up Firefox is familiar with YouTube, Vimeo and other free – and often entertaining – sources of streaming videos. We know those sites are great for sneezing pandas and keyboard-typing cats, but what if you’re looking for an instructional video on an important topic in your area of research?

ECU libraries subscribe to a number of authoritative video sources that cover a huge variety of educational topics, including the health sciences. The sources below are particularly useful to our Division of Health Sciences community:

Laupus Library provides access to all of these video streaming services both on and off-campus; Health Sciences community members need only enter their PirateID. So, just like YouTube, members of the Health Sciences community can watch from their couches.

And because many of the links are sharable, it’s easy for students and faculty to link to the actual videos from within BlackBoard or a class website, making the learning experience more interactive. These videos are another example of how Laupus Library – and the entire ECU campus – continues adopting forward-thinking learning tools that meet our students where they already are: online.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to access and use these videos, please Contact Us at Laupus for more information.

–Beth Ketterman
Laupus Library