Taking time to care

Even though health care legislation is on the minds of everyone, it is important to take a step back and think about how important it is to care about yourself, your colleagues and your patients.

Dr. Jean Watson visits ECU this week to talk with nursing faculty, students and guests from Vidant Health Systems about her human caring theory which is a staple in clinical agencies and academic programs around the world. Watson’s theory encourages nurses to consider a caring model that includes her Ten Caritas Processes™. The processes urge nurses to be reflective and aware of patients’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Watson is the guest speaker for the annual Siegfried Lowin Distinguished Scholar Series Lecture, created by Drs. Mary Ann Rose and Walter Pories in 2007. It is named in memory of Dr. Pories’ relative, Siegfried Lowin, who died in 1989. Lowin greatly respected the nurses who cared for him throughout his extended illness and the lecture series was given to the ECU College of Nursing in his honor.

Nurses touch many lives during their daily work. Sometimes, patients and nurses do not immediately realize the significance of these touches. Be sure to notice the impact you have on others—your kind words will stay with a patient for a lifetime.

Sylvia T. Brown, EdD, RN, CNE
Dean and Professor
ECU College of Nursing