Top seven reasons to become a physician assistant

Number 7 – The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of physician assistants is expected to increase 34 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is double the national average.

Number 6 – PAs can work in all areas of medicine.

Number 5 – PAs and physicians are educated using similar models, but most PA’s are trained in general primary care over 24-27 months which enables them to enter the health care work force about 3 times quicker than physicians.

Number 4 – Since PA salaries are lower that physician salaries, PAs are an economically important part to the healthcare team .

Number 3 – PAs are trained to care for approximately 80% of the conditions for which most patients seek primary care.

Number 2 – Based on the most recent data available (AAPA 2010) the average PA in North Carolina makes about $85,000 a year.

And the Number 1 reason to become a physician assistant….PAs enjoy freedom in their work, lots of responsibility and a rewarding career!

Two reasons to choose the PA program at ECU:

  1. ECU is the only state-supported PA program in North Carolina. 
  2. The mission of the PA program at ECU is to train primary care practitioners for rural and medically underserved eastern North Carolina. This is particularly important as the need for medical services in small towns and rural areas is growing, and there are not enough physicians to fill this need.

Need more reasons?  Read what our PA students have to say

And one last thing…. It’s National Physician Assistant Week and there is much to celebrate!  If you see a physician assistant this week, let them know they are appreciated.

Alan Gindoff, DHSc, PA-C
Clinical Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Physician Assistant Studies